Rynek uslug komputerowych dla rolnikow w Afryce rosnie. Pomimo ze jest to kraj slabo zurbanizowany, Zambia przyciaga liderow innowacyjnosci technologicznej. Pisze o tym Jenara Nerenberg w artykule dla magazynu Fast Company.

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If it works – it’ll revolutionize affordable housing – Auburn Rural Studio Today

The 20K house, as it is called, would furnish residents with appreciating asset, for just $108 a month on a Rural Housing Services loan. If it works, it’ll revolutionize affordable housing in Hale County and beyond.


It’s modest – not much more than a box, with a generous front porch and a steep, sloping roof. From the road it’d barely rate a second take. And yet it’s the Rural Studio at it’s most ambitious. Freer expects the 20K project to result in three or four homes that can be reproduced anywhere Section 502 Direct Loans are available. „I would hope that through this the Rural Studio becomes more relevant and help more folks,” Freer writes in an e-mail. „Not just isolated academics and architects playing in the woods.”

Let us now praise practical men. Freear in his car now, a Honda Fit with „BRITISH NUT” on the front plate. He bought it when his truck died, with grant money from the Graham Foundation, which he was supposed tu use to write a book. „You know, ” he says, „I hate it when people say the work is more professional in the Rural Studio. The last thing I want to be is professional. I hope it’s more rigorous and builtto last, I hope people feel more comfortable in it, but don’t tell me it’s professional. Fucking’ ‚ell”

Perhaps sensible is a better word. The archness of Mockbee’s Rural Studio has had the not entirely salutary consequence of turning houses for the poor into art objects. That wasn’t the intent.

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Bob Marley „Concrete Jungle”

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C.K Prahalad o roli lidera

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The Rolling Stones: Some Girls, 2006

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Dlugi Ogon, czyli nowa ekonomika muzyki – rozmawiaja Chris Anderson i Jacques Attali

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Snap „Power of Bhangra”

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